…We’ll Be Right Back

The King is still on his brief hiatus for another week, while I work on building up the page buffer going into the last half of the first story. While you wait for more King and his climactic battle with an elderly woman, may I suggest you check out the Specialists? One of the great things about making a webcomic is the sense of community there is among creators and fans. Case in point: Mr. Shawn Gustafson (one half of the Specialists creative team) checking out and leaving comments on the King of the Unknown website, and both us sharing links on each other’s websites. There are few industries where you’ll find that kind of camaraderie. Anyway, here’s a brief rundown on the Specialists from their website:

“The Specialists is the story of what might have happened if the Nazis had developed their superhuman Übermenschen during World War II. How would this affect the war? How would the Allies respond?”

Anyway, the King will be back from his break soon, but I think you’ll dig the new pages we’re cookin’ up for ya. And who knows, we may have a few other surprises related to the comic for ya too 😉