Welcome to My Madness

Hey Gang,

Last fall this website needed help in a big way as we had to find a new host in a very short amount of time, but luckily we had L Jámal Walton on our side, and he saved the day by providing us with new hosting services and helping out with the transfer of the site.  Now the very gracious and talented Mr. Walton has a pretty sweet artbook out called “Welcome to My Madness: the Art of L Jámal Walton” over on Kickstarter that you should all check out!

The concept behind the book is pretty rad too, here’s the rundown on the book:

“Life is a not a destination, it’s a journey.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

36 years, 3 months, 5 days… that is the span of Bob Marley’s life. That’s the “Marley Mark”. 

As a teenager, L Jamal Walton was greatly influenced by the music and life of Bob Maely and remember saying that I would be satisfied living as long as Bob Marley. He set my life towards that destination… 12 October 2013. Now as that destination approaches, the foolishness of youth has been replaced by the realization that everyone’s journey is different. Welcome to My Madness is a 150-paged, full color art book that represents Jamal’s 36 year growth as an artist as he journeys beyond his Marley Mark.

So go over to Kickstarter and give some support to this cool project in anyway you can.

Also, more King of the Unknown coming soon!  I promise! 🙂