That’s a Strange Kid

Hey Gang,
Even though it’s been a while since there was a comic update on the site, King of the Unknown is still getting some recognition and reviews. Case in point, this excellent write up over at

From their article I could really tell that the crew over there got what I was going for with this comic, and reading stuff like this really makes all the time and effort I put into the comic worth it. So big thanks to the gang over at Strange Kids Club for checking out the King!

Also, I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated the website with a new comic page, but rest assured that I am diligently working on new KotU pages, and I have a few other reasons for not posting anything new that I will let slip in due time. For now though, just know that there will be some new King of the Unknown sometime in the future, and I thank everyone for waiting patiently and spreading the word on the comic.

All the Best! -Marcus