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That’s a Strange Kid

Hey Gang,
Even though it’s been a while since there was a comic update on the site, King of the Unknown is still getting some recognition and reviews. Case in point, this excellent write up over at strangekidsclub.com

From their article I could really tell that the crew over there got what I was going for with this comic, and reading stuff like this really makes all the time and effort I put into the comic worth it. So big thanks to the gang over at Strange Kids Club for checking out the King!

Also, I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated the website with a new comic page, but rest assured that I am diligently working on new KotU pages, and I have a few other reasons for not posting anything new that I will let slip in due time. For now though, just know that there will be some new King of the Unknown sometime in the future, and I thank everyone for waiting patiently and spreading the word on the comic.

All the Best! -Marcus


Slowly but Surely…

Hey Gang,

Sorry things have been dead around here lately, and hopefully everyone had a Happy Halloween.  Ever since I got back from New York Comic Con a few weeks ago I’ve been playing catch up on a lot of things and have just now been slowly getting back up to speed, so bare with me just a little bit longer here.  I’ll probably post a page of lettered linework some time during next week, so keep an eye out for that, in the mean time though, King of the Unknown was featured over at Comic Booked in their “Wednesday Webcomics” feature this week, so check it out here folks!

Alright, let’s get things rolling here and get this first King adventure over with already!  I’ve got so much more planned for the big guy that I want you guys to see!