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Newsflash: Still Alive

Hey Gang!

I know it’s been a while so I figured I would give you an update on things.  I am still working on King of the Unknown, and there are only about 8 pages left to do the linework on, and then I have to color those and finish coloring the 5 other pages I was doing colors on.  A number of things have kept me preoccupied from the King for a while, one of which was working on a few commissions for some extra cash.  Check em out:

I Wanna Rock N' Roll All Night...and Party EverydayI prefer my brains over easy

I figured both of these would be appropriate to share for obvious reasons (KISS, the Walking Dead? Uh, yeah, Duh!), and you guys would get a kick out of them.  The Walking Dead one was actually done for Tom and Tara Alexander as a gift for Tom’s sister Laura (who is featured battling zombies alongside Daryl from the show).  If you have picked up a copy of the Once Upon a Time Machine anthology from Dark Horse Comics (and if you haven’t, you should, because it’s awesome!), you may recognize Tom and Tara’s names…because both have stories in said anthology (as do King of the Unknown peeps Andrew Carl and Marcus Muller!) and they’re just all around swell people.  Both commissions were a blast to work on, and I will definitely be doing more of these in the future.

Well, that about wraps things up, but I will definitely start running some full colored King pages soon. So be sure to keep checking back in as the plan is to get the comic back on schedule and start updating on a regular basis like it used to (remember that? Ahhhhh, good times).



O’ King Where Art Thou?

Hey Gang,

Yeah, I know it’s been a looooong time since I’ve posted a new King of the Unknown page up here (even longer since I posted a full color one), but work is still being done on the King, so I haven’t given up on it if that’s what you’re thinking. Quite the contrary actually – part of the reason I haven’t posted anything new in a while is I’ve been kind of hoping to find a print publisher for KotU, and I didn’t want to run the whole story online before a print version came out. So if there are any publishers reading this right now that are interested in the King, I would love to hear from ya!

Also, since it’s the holidays and I could use some extra cash, I’ve decided I will take on a small handful of commissions at a super cheap price! For anyone that is interested, you can contact me here.

Since we’re talking about the holidays, I also have a fine gift idea for the comic fan in your life, how about the Once Upon a Time Machine anthology from Dark Horse Comics?  With 25 different stories and weighing in at over 400 pages, this mutha has something for everyone in it!  Also, I may have done artwork on a 32 page story in it…and KotU editor extraordinaire Andrew Carl may have edited this beast of an anthology…just sayin’ is all.

Happy Holidays, everyone!  More King soon!  I’m workin’ on it!



King Sized Commissions!

Hey Gang!  I’ve been thinking about what I could do in the short term to keep things focused on King of the Unknown and make some cash other than selling merchandise (which there will hopefully be some during the summer months), so I figured a good idea would be to start taking commissions.  I’ve never tried this before, so here goes! For a short time I will be taking commissions, preferably King of the Unknown related commissions, but if you want some artwork of something else I will not complain about making it for you.  Prices may vary depending on what you want, how many characters you want, and the complexity of the piece, but here is a general guideline to go off of:

Pricing for 1 character, Black & White, No background

$20-bust shot of 1 character

$35-waist up shot of 1 character

$55-Full character lineart

If you want it colored then add about 30 bucks to the pricing, but I think these prices are fairly reasonable considering what I’ve charged for professional design work for various businesses, which is usually over double what these prices are, so get in on this mad action fast while you can because it won’t last long and it’s helping out a good cause…my broke ass! So if you’re looking for me to make you some artwork, then contact me at marcusmuller@gmail.com and make sure to put something like “King of the Unknown Commissions” in the subject line so it doesn’t get spammed out.  I greatly appreciate anyone who gets a commission and their business!  It means a lot to me and keeps this little site a runnin’!