King Character Reveals

Hey Gang,

Check out the King of the Unknown Facebook page all week long for character reveals from the upcoming graphic novel to be published by Stache Publishing in 2017!

Here’s a taste of the first one:


To kick things off we have the main man himself: THE KING!

A former rock legend and film icon, the King has operated in the decades since his “death” as an investigator of the supernatural and super spy for the shadowy organization known as the IRSU (Institute for Research and Study of the Unknown). After a Magical mishap on one of his early missions, the King’s body was overloaded with otherworldly energy, resulting in a drastic physical transformation. However, the incident also gave the king heightened strength, speed, agility, as well as a keen ability to detect all things supernatural.

The King’s cocky, brash, and sarcastic demeanor seems to hide a mind that operates at a much higher level than it would initially appear.

Stayed tuned later today as we reveal another character!