God Save the King!

Hey Gang,

Some bad news at KotU HQ here: I was told last week that I have until September 15th to find a new host for the King, because the guy who’s doing it now is packing in his server hosting services (which sucks, because I was already paid up into like March and he can’t refund my money).

To make matters worse, pretty much all of my cash right now is tied up in getting my butt out to the New York Comic Con in October to help promote the Once Upon a Time Machine anthology that I did some artwork for. So money to find a new host right now is extremely hard to come by. As much as it pains me to do so, and I reeeaaaally didn’t want it to come to this, I’m going to have to reach out for help from you the audience and start up a donation drive to save the King and keep the website active.

Any amount donated is greatly appreciated, but for those who donate 10 dollars or more, you’ll get a King of the Unknown sketch with your character of choice (except Vinny, because he would take forever and I can’t really replicate his face without the aid of a computer). Right now I’m looking at going to Liquidweb for the new host. At 15 dollars a month, I wouldn’t have to raise too much in donations to keep the site afloat, but I’d like to raise enough to keep the site up for at least the next 6 months.

So there it is. The King is in trouble and needs your help! I know his adventures haven’t been updating as regularly as they used to lately, but he won’t have any more adventures if this website goes down. Let’s not let that happen. If you have been enjoying this comic, then please spread the word; and if you can manage it, go ahead and donate what you can by clicking on the “Please Donate!” button on the right side of the screen (which takes you straight to a Paypal donation screen, very easy). Again, any amount will be hugely appreciated, and remember, if you can donate 10 dollars or more you’ll snag a King of the Unknown sketch in the process.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the comic up to this point and gotten the word out on it. Let’s keep it going! Evil forces of supernatural proportions are afoot and the world needs the King to stop them!