Page 1: Tuesdays With Granny

All right!  It’s time for the first posting of an actual comic page! Woo!  I know it’s probably not the best idea for the first comic page to not have its lead character anywhere in sight, but bear with me for a few more pages and we’ll get there.

I also know you might be thinking, “Really, Marcus?  An elderly person who’s a poor driver, a curmudgeon, and slightly racist?  Geez, that’s not a stereotype.”  In that case I would counter with, “You must have never encountered (some of) the same old people I have!”  I don’t know if a person reaches a certain age and a switch just flips inside them or what, but I know I’m not alone in this experience…I’m not the only one who’s witnessed old folks in parking lots hit other people’s parked cars and leave without a thought.  It’s kind of hilarious, but also really kind of sad, too.  I’m not saying all of the elderly are like this, but there are enough out there to give them a bad name. And so here we have Granny, the ultimate incarnation of these worst qualities.

Anyway, enough old people talk, let’s get to some comic!