Page 3: Picking Up the Pieces

Hey gang! There’s not much to read on this page I guess – you could say it’s more of a visual read – so I figured I’d talk a bit about how King of the Unknown got to this point and became a webcomic.

It started a few years back when my friend Amado Rodriguez was putting together an anthology called Muscles & Fights with Bud Burgy, featuring mostly work from Midwest comic creators. Their first volume had already been out for a while when Amado invited me to contribute something to their second. While at first I had no idea what to make for it, I decided that whatever it was, it certainly had to feature either muscles or fights. Finally I decided to play it mainly for laughs, and came up with a humorous fight comic about Elvis brawling with Bigfoot. I ran the idea past my brother, since I had roped him into doing greyscale colors on it, and he suggested swapping out Bigfoot for his lesser known relative, the Skunkape. In case you’re not familiar with the Skunkape, it’s basically a Bigfoot of the South. With that new detail, the whole story fell into place.

I made Skunkape into a redneck Bigfoot, battling King in a trailer park down South. Before I’d even finished that little comic, though, I had quickly developed a whole back-story and world for the King and his adventures with the Unknown. But I just didn’t really have an outlet for them yet. So after coming up with another story for the third Muscles & Fights volume (this time having King battle a leprechaun in a game of strip poker), I decided to go all out – I put together a full pitch for an animated series, and submitted it to Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. So with that in their hands, I waited…waited some more…and waited a bit more…just a little more after that…and finally, gave up any hope that I’d ever hear back from them (in fairness, they probably took one look at the 32 page pitch packet, thought I was a crazy person for sending them something that big, and promptly chucked it in the garbage).

Unphased by the lack of response, it didn’t take me long to decide to just tell this story of mine — which came out to equal 6 seasons worth of an animated series — as a comic. And that just about brings us to where we’re at right now. You may ask why turn it into a webcomic, and not a traditional print comic? First of all, the schedule of a webcomic allows me to work on other projects at the same time (well, not so much lately, but in theory). I also think that the comics medium as a whole is moving towards digital anyway, and I just plain like the idea of webcomics and the things you can do with them that aren’t possible with traditional comics (like getting a page done and immediately posting it up for people to read).

Anyway, there you go. Kind of a quick read on the comic page today, but I made up for it with the long blog post. Now sit tight…just one more page until King finally makes his grand entrance!