Page 27: The Jig is Up (Television Junkie)

What’s this?  Two weeks in a row with updates when I said there was actually going to be updates???  Obviously something is amiss and there is something truly wrong with me!

Anyhoo, the “classic” film that Granny is so invested in might be recognizable to some of you.  If not don’t worry about it, all you need to know is it fits this story and Granny just fine, but if you do know it then  +1000 nerd points to you!  Achievement Unlocked:  Master Knowledge of B Movies!

Okay, next week more King!


Al | August 9, 2013 @ 7:14 am Reply ↓

Glad to see you’re back and updating again. Keep those updates coming. I’m looking forward to seeing what sort of throwdown is about to take place between Granny and the King…

Marcus | August 9, 2013 @ 3:24 pm Reply ↓

I’m glad to be back updating again, even if it is just for a month (though we’ll see how that goes and maybe extending it). I’ve got a lot planned for this comic so I really have to get going and get things done if I ever want to get to all of it. Plus, I’ve been trying to find a print publisher to print KotU, but getting editors to look at anything is next to impossible. I know Kickstarter is the trendy thing to do nowadays, but I’m kind of old school and would like to find a publisher that King can call home.

Also, that throwdown between Granny and King will totally be worth the wait! Just you see!

Thanks for sticking with the comic and coming back around, good sir! You guys do great work over on your Specialist comic! Keep it up my friend!