Page 22: The King Has Entered the Building

Awww, look at King in that first panel – what a rascal he is! Anyway, things are now starting to build towards the end of the story and the King vs. Granny showdown you’ve all been waiting for. If you’ve been holding your breath for the action (and not of the elderly-on-elderly variety, I mean) to start and the fisticuffs to fly, well you shall have it shortly, my friends!

On another note, King of the Unknown has been added to the Top Webcomics List, so please take a moment and vote for it there. And watch it climb the rankings with every vote!

Also, hopefully you’ll have a new page next week, too. My buffer of pages is running low and I’m swamped with some other work I’ve been trying to take care of…so we’ll see how things go here.