Page 19: Psychic Emissions

Soooo you know how I said last week that there wouldn’t be any more kinky granny business? Well, I guess I lied, but surely this week’s little repeat performance can’t be quite as scarring, right? …Okay fine, I admit, it’s just as bad. At least the rest of this story is free of elderly perversions, so you can relax now – you have my word on it. Honest.

Also, I’m looking for suggestions as to what I should include in the King of the Unknown newsletter. Maybe exclusive wallpapers? Behind-the-scenes extras? Leave a comment below and let me know what you guys might want to see.

And while I’m asking you guys for feedback, is anyone interested in King of the Unknown t-shirts or prints? Is that something you could get behind? I’m not going to get anything printed up unless I know that there is some significant interest in it. Don’t worry, no gross granny sex acts will end up on any shirts or prints. I can promise that you will never have to see or wear that.