Page 17: The Origin of Dullahan

Hey Gang, due to my work load, we’ll have a few more weeks of one page updates.  I’d rather keep the quality of the comic high instead of knocking out a few extra pages just so there’s more than one update a week here.

Speaking of keeping the quality of the comic high, I think this week’s flashback page of the Dullahan’s origin turned out really well.  It’s not a particularly detailed page, but all the elements really came together on this one.  And yeah, I know it kind of looks like King is pinching one out in that last panel…but hey, channeling psychic powers will do that to a guy.

Also, next week we finally get to the shocking, horror-filled page 18 that I’ve been hyping up on our Facebook page. Can you stomach the horrors that await you in the coming week?  Will you ever come back to this website after witnessing the unthinkable???  How many question marks is too many question marks????????????????????????????? I’d say about that many.