I’d Lose My Head Without You

King of the Unknown Season 1

How I Learned to Rock Again

Hey everyone, welcome to King of the Unknown! In the weeks, months, and hopefully years to come, we’ll follow the many supernatural exploits and derring-do of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, from this very spot. I hope you’ll be with us every step of the way to witness it all.

First off, a big thank-you is in order to Michael Sisk for his amazing website design. It’s fun and pretty to look at!  If there is anyone out there looking for someone to design their website for them, I highly recommend Michael for the job.  Just check out his site for more info and some of the other work he has done:  http://mgsisk.com/webcomicms.net/

Next up I’ve just got to thank Andrew Carl for helping out with all the behind-the-scenes work editing my comic and fixing all of my horrible grammar, making it readable so that you won’t have to suffer through it. For all of those people who don’t think they need editors on their comics, I will fight you over this. If you want to make the best comics that you possibly can, then get an editor. They will see things you didn’t, give you the point of view of your reader, and most importantantly, keep you on track with your goals. Just listen to me and get an editor for your comic, okay?

One special thank yew very much goes out to my good friend Bernie Gonzalez, for taking my cover images and adding a special bit of magic to them with that cool aged-movie-poster texture you see. Do yourself a favour and mosey on down to the links section when you get a chance, and check out some of his awesome work on his blog.

A final thanks to my brother Michael Roanhaus – you’re a pain in my ass most of the time, but you supply me with what is probably illegal music that keeps me going, and you do a good job piecing together my scanned linework into pages I can then color, so I guess I’ll keep ya around awhile longer. Also, your endless supply of conspiracy theories is great fodder for future King of the Unknown stories.

Okay, now with all the kudos out of the way, I hope you’ll check out the site a bit. And if you have any feedback, e-mail me at kingoftheunknowncomics@yahoo.com

In the weeks to come you’ll slowly see some more features popping up around here…but in the meantime, enjoy the comics! New updates will go up on Tuesdays and Fridays. If you enjoy what you see, pass it along to anyone else you may know who’ll get a similar kick out of the King and his gang.

Thanks for stopping by – and rock on!